Construction Industry

Construction Industry

At Zirkle Long & Associates, we understand owning and operating a construction business is both rewarding and challenging. We will work with to help you operate a successful business through careful tax planning, business consulting and keeping you up to date with the constant changes in the industry. 

Our team has worked with a wide range of construction companies including:

  • Commercial Construction
  • Residential Construction
  • Specialty Contractors
    • Electrical
    • Plumbing Contractors
    • Roofing Contractors
    • Excavation Contractors
    • Sheet Metal Contractors
    • Many others

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Entity selection and structuring
  • Acquisitions/sale of business consulting
  • Annual audit, review or compilation services
  • Financial statement audits
  • Tax return preparation
  • Tax compliance
  • Tax planning
  • Analysis of estimates and indirect cost allocation
  • Succession planning

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